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Harrison REMC offers a variety of energy efficiency rebates

Posted on Jun 26 2024 in Harrison REMC
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Receive a 50% rebate on a qualifying HVAC tune-up cost. The total rebate may not exceed $50.

It’s time to schedule your annual pre-season heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment (HVAC) check-up with a licensed HVAC contractor to ensure your system is operating efficiently. Tune-ups cannot be self-performed, and the unit must be at least three years old.

The HVAC tune-up rebate is designed for air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, and central air conditioning systems. Gas furnaces are not eligible unless they are part of a central air system tune-up.

Please complete the tune-up rebate application at and submit it along with an itemized receipt showing the date of service, the total cost of the tune-up, and a checklist of services performed to Harrison REMC.


To qualify, you must occupy the home where the equipment is installed year-round (12 months), and the unit must heat and cool the whole home unless otherwise stated.


They heat, cool, are energy-efficient, and affordable — four good reasons to install a heat pump in your home. Heat pumps are the most popular way to heat and cool because one piece of equipment does it all. They operate entirely by electricity and offer a high level of comfort and efficiency at low costs.

Rebates are available for customers who replace an old heat pump, install a new one, or replace a natural gas, propane, oil, or wood furnace.


Some believe that two fuels are better than one and combine an air-to-air heat pump with a fossil fuel furnace. In extremely cold weather, a dual-fuel heating system selects the fossil fuel furnace for all the home’s heating needs. But for most of our Southern Indiana winters, a dual-fuel heating system automatically utilizes the more energy-efficient heat pump to provide your home with the heating comfort you desire.


Geothermal heat pumps are the ultimate comfort machine. No system is more efficient or cheaper to operate than the technologically advanced geothermal heat pump system. Together, earth-stored energy and clean, safe electricity offer an efficient and economical way to maintain comfortable heating and cooling year-round.


Harrison REMC offers rebates on heat pump hot water heaters, and Wi-Fi-enabled electric storage water heaters.

Water heating usually contributes around 18% of a home’s total energy costs.

A heat pump water heater dramatically reduces electric energy consumption compared to an electric tank-style water heater. A standard electric tank-style unit uses 4,879 kWh of electricity per year, compared to 1,856 kWh of electricity per year for a heat pump model.

For Harrison REMC members, the savings are nearly $302 per year with the current residential electric rate. That translates into an efficiency range of 300% to 500% for heat pump water heaters compared to 90% for a tank-style model.

The units get the heat for making hot water from the surrounding air, not electricity.

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Did you know that electric outdoor equipment has significantly improved in recent years? How about a push mower that can tackle 3,000 square feet on a single charge? That exists!

Your electric cooperative is offering rebates on electric lawnmowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, snowblowers, rototillers, and pressure washers — up to $50 toward the cost of new equipment.

Whether you search online or stop by your local hardware store, we want you to find equipment to keep your lawn well-maintained for years. When shopping, look for manufacturers who use lithium-ion batteries as they provide the power you expect and charge quickly. If you need a new push mower, choose a model that runs on at least 36 volts.

The brand you choose is up to you, as well as where you make the purchase — we trust you know what you need and respect where you want to shop.

Why go electric beyond the savings this incentive provides? You can say goodbye to gas cans and mixing two-cycle fuel. With electric equipment, all you have to do is keep your battery packs charged. This incentive will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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