Watt’s Up: May Grow Summer Savings

Posted on May 18 2024 in Southeastern Indiana REMC
Watering a plant

Summer brings not only the joys of fresh, homegrown food but also the opportunity to save energy and money. Just as a few seeds can yield a bounty of produce, simple actions can lead to significant energy savings.

Watering plants parallels managing energy consumption: both require basic attention for optimal results. Adjusting thermostats and turning off lights are easy steps anyone can take to reduce electricity usage and lower bills.

Cooling homes becomes a major energy expense during summer. As temperatures rise, air conditioners work harder and longer to maintain comfort, contributing to higher bills. However, there are ways to offset these costs throughout the year.

As a member-owned cooperative, we prioritize community support over profits. Our programs and initiatives were developed to empower members and save money.

Rebates: Claim money-back incentives for purchasing efficient equipment like heat pumps and water heaters through simple form submissions.

Energy monitoring: Utilize our SmartHub app to track energy usage, receive alerts, and make immediate adjustments.

Flexible rates: Explore alternative rate plans such as Time of Use to suit your consumption patterns better.

Payment assistance: If summer bills strain your budget, inquire about our budget billing or prepaid electric programs for manageable payment options.

We understand electricity can be complex, which is why our local team is here to assist. Our focus is on providing reliable service to our neighbors. Contact us to discover more ways to conserve energy and save money.