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Posted on Jul 02 2024 in Southeastern Indiana REMC
Generac generator

A generator can bring peace of mind into a person’s life. That is why it is so important to understand the benefits and true necessity of having a Generac generator. Occasional power outages happen and most of the time that is an inconvenience. But with a total-home backup Generac generator from Southeastern Indiana REMC, you will not be left in the dark! When you have backup power, you have peace of mind, knowing that your home and family are protected.

Living in a state where the weather is often unpredictable, preparing for storm-related outages is always a good idea. In the case of a bad storm, we try to repair damage and restore power quickly and safely. Still, sometimes power outages require an extensive amount of work to restore, leaving members without power for an extended period of time. With a reliable electricity backup like our Generac generators, you can sleep soundly knowing that you have temperature control, a cold refrigerator, and no candles burning for light.

Did you know?

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Southeastern Indiana REMC offers a medical alert notification service.

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Some people with disabilities rely on life-sustaining medical equipment and they do not have the option to be without power for an extended period. If you worry about a heart monitor, a ventilator, or even a home phone to contact help, then you should consider the value of having a Generac generator for your home. While not everyone feels the impact of a power outage the same, some people feel the loss much more than others.

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When the power goes out, so does everything that uses it. This means that when you are in the middle of your workday if you work from home, you lose time and money as you wait for the power and internet to be restored. This also means that the food stored in your refrigerator or freezer could be spoiled if the power outage lasts more than 4 hours. We know how valuable your time and money are, and that is why having a Generac generator is a sound investment!

Another benefit of having a Generac generator is to help ease the strain on the electric grid during critical peak times when the electricity demand is extremely high. Participating in our load management program helps ensure reliability, reducing the possibility of rolling blackouts.

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Moreover, a Generac generator enhances your home’s value and appeal. Potential buyers often see a backup generator as a significant asset, knowing they won’t have to worry about power outages. It’s an investment that pays off in convenience, security, and potentially higher property value.

There are so many reasons to invest in a Generac generator and participate in our load management programs. Take advantage of this program today to lock in 2024 pricing, a 7-year warranty, a 1-year financing option, and free installation and maintenance on your generator. For more, visit our website at www.seiremc.com/programs or give us a call at 800-737-4111 today!

Be Prepared. Have a backup.

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