Voting in the 2022 board of directors election

Posted on Mar 11 2022 in Southeastern Indiana REMC

The option of in-person voting is available for those who attend the annual meeting. For those with scheduling conflicts and those who are limiting their risk of exposure to COVID-19, the following voting options are available. 

Voting began Feb. 22 and ends at 11:59 pm EDT on March 22.

Voting Options

By mail

  • Ballots were mailed Feb. 22.
  • Complete your paper ballot by filling in the circles next to your selections.
  • Mail completed ballot in return envelope provided to
    Survey & Ballot Systems, P.O. Box 46430, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.
  • Envelopes must be returned by March 22.

Voting online

  • To access the login page of the official SEIREMC 2022 Director Election, please type into the address bar located at the top of your internet browser screen.
  • You will need your Member Number and Election Passcode to log in. (This information can be found on the ballot mailed to you.)
  • Do not mail your ballot if you plan to vote online.

Using SmartHub (Using the app or online)

  • App: Open your SmartHub app, log in and click the “Vote Now” button.
  • Online: Log in to your SmartHub online account and click the “Vote Now” button.

If you have any problems voting online, please email