Veteran Strong

Posted on Nov 08 2022 in LaGrange County REMC
Strong’s husband, Michael, who served in Afghanistan and their son pose for a picture after Strong’s return from Turkey.

This year, on Nov. 11, LaGrange County REMC will be celebrating Veterans Day and honoring our very own Torrie Strong, marketing and executive assistant.

Strong served as a Staff Sargent E-5 in the United States Air Force from 2012-18. Stationed at Grissom Air Reserve Base, Strong learned how to troubleshoot and fix various issues as an aircraft mechanic on KC-135s, which refuel other aircraft in the air. 

Her favorite parts of being in the military were being able to travel and see the world as well as the friendships she developed. When asked what she enjoyed most about her time in the Air Force, Strong noted, “I would love to go back to Hawaii!”

Though it was incredibly difficult to leave her two-year-old son with her husband while being deployed to Turkey for three months, Strong admitted that was one of the most rewarding experiences.

We thank Strong and all veterans for their service to our country this Veterans Day.