Vegetation management ensures reliable electricity

Posted on May 07 2024 in Harrison REMC
Crew member doing vegetation management

Herbicide spraying is crucial in maintaining the vegetation within electric utility rights-of-way (ROWs). These ROWs are clear corridors beneath power lines that must be kept free from excessive plant growth to ensure the reliability and safety of the electrical infrastructure. Herbicides are often applied selectively to control the growth of unwanted vegetation, preventing interference with power lines and reducing the risk of outages caused by vegetation-related issues. Using herbicides in this context is a cost-effective and efficient method, providing a targeted approach to vegetation management that minimizes environmental impact compared to mechanical alternatives.

Effective herbicide spraying programs in electric utility ROWs require careful planning and adherence to environmental regulations. Integrated vegetation management strategies aim to balance the need for vegetation control with ecological considerations, promoting the growth of low-growing, non-intrusive plant species. Regular monitoring and assessment are essential to determine the appropriate herbicide application timing and dosage, ensuring optimal results while mitigating potential adverse effects. The careful implementation of herbicide spraying in electric utility ROWs contributes to the sustained functionality of power infrastructure, enhancing both reliability and safety.

This summer, we will do herbicide applications in the Corydon, Bradford, and Elizabeth areas. If you have an area that you don’t want herbicide sprayed on, you can call the office and let us know or simply put some type of sign up on your property that says, “no spray.” When they see these signs, our contractors know not to spray these areas. ProtecTerra and Midwest Spray team will be performing this work for us.