Updates to the Team Up Lighting Store

Updates open the door to new incentives in the future

Posted on Dec 06 2020 in Southeastern Indiana REMC

At the end of the year, Southeastern Indiana REMC will be updating its Team Up Online Lighting Store incentive program to meet the changing member needs and industry trends. 

As part of an effort to introduce new incentives in the future, a decision to discontinue the member rebate on the online Team Up Lighting Store effective Dec. 31 has been made. Members will continue to have the ability to order EnergyStar-qualified lighting with free shipping from the Team Up online store, but there will be no rebate applied to a member’s order after the first of the year. 

LEDs continue to be the leading fixture type for efficiency and cost savings in the industry. The benefit of continuing to order your lighting fixtures through your cooperative’s online store is a guaranteed five-year warranty on fixtures and peace of mind that your lightbulbs are produced to the highest standards. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of the limited time offer for rebates on online lighting purchases, please visit our residential lighting store website link by Dec. 31. 

Southeastern Indiana REMC looks forward to introducing new incentive programs in the future and working closely with our membership to explore extended opportunities for energy savings. 

Rebate change infographic