Trimming trees keeps power on

Posted on Jan 09 2021 in Bartholomew County REMC
Randy Brumfield
Vegetation Program Manager Randy Brumfield keeps our power lines free of trees.

Courtney Metzger

Often during this pandemic, I have been struck by what an incredible team we have here at Bartholomew County REMC. I am extremely grateful for all our employees do, which includes serving our members on nights and weekends and in tough conditions, such as storms. They make a loyal commitment to be here for the membership every day.  

I want to take the opportunity to introduce some of our employees throughout the year. Each of them has an important role and it takes a skilled and diverse team to “keep the lights on,” adjust to the dynamic changes we see in our industry, as well as provide safe, reliable and affordable power to our members. 

Meet our vegetation program manager, Randy Brumfield. Trees help protect our home from elements, beautify our neighborhoods, help clean our air and bring color to our lives, but trees can be dangerous. In storms, the weakest, oldest and sometimes healthy trees fall on personal property including homes and cars. More often they fall on electric power lines and electric service is disrupted. Occasionally, a tree can become a pathway to injury and create a line contact safety risk, which is why trimming trees is a necessity to keep everyone safe. Trimming or removing trees by Bartholomew County REMC occurs on a regular basis not only for safety’s sake but to alleviate potential power interruptions.

Keeping our lines clear of trees is necessary to deliver the best quality service to you. Brumfield manages our Vegetation Management Program and utilizes local contract crews on a planned, rotating schedule to clear trees and brush from our distribution rights-of-way on a continual, five-year cycle. 

Brumfield is a certified utility arborist, specializing in the maintenance and removal of trees and other vegetation to ensure power lines are free from obstruction and to prevent future interference. Brumfield has been employed at BCREMC for 6 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to our system, being in the tree industry for over 30 years. He is also a licensed herbicide applicator.

Our crews will cut branches, trees and brush next to and underneath electric lines. The distance a tree is trimmed depends on the type of line. In some instances, the removal of a tree is required. This is especially the case when safety is involved. In most cases a tree must be  removed because it is dead, dying, or damaged. Brumfield ensures that the methods used to trim help the tree retain its natural shape, decrease future trimming needs and direct future growth away from electric lines.

Please call us if you see a tree that is a safety risk or is endangering our power lines. Brumfield will send out a crew if needed to take care of the situation. We begin our tree trimming cycle in the Ogilville area in 2021. Thank you for your cooperation as we make our system safe and reliable for you, the members.

Happy New Year!