Tree trimming to continue

Posted on Jan 07 2020 in Bartholomew County REMC

Bartholomew County REMC trims trees as part of our ongoing vegetation management program. We trim away branches growing through or around our lines. We also remove branches growing above lines, where snow or ice could cause branches to sag or fall onto live lines.

The amount of pruning necessary varies depending on the type of tree, the type of power line and how close the tree is to the line. It is also sometimes necessary to target entire trees. These include trees that are weak, diseased, dying or severely damaged. It may also include trees under or close to power lines, that would have to be trimmed so much that they would not survive or would be very unsightly.

In 2020, trimming will be done in the Grandview, Taylorsville, Rocky Ford and Woodside areas.  This includes Columbus, Clay, German, Flatrock, Ohio and Harrison townships.  

BCREMC has an utility easement on each side of the pole to perform the proper trimming. Members with trees that need to be trimmed or removed will be contacted by BCREMC to discuss the severity of the job.

When we trim or remove a tree, we clean up the area and haul away the brush. Logs too large to be mulched and hauled away (usually six inches in diameter or larger) are cut into more manageable lengths and left on-site for the property owner’s disposal.

A dead “make safe” tree marked with blue tape will only be trimmed enough to prevent harm to the power lines and will be the members responsibility to clean up.