Tree trimming and ash trees

Posted on Dec 21 2018 in Miami-Cass REMC
Many members have reported dead ash trees near our power lines. Miami-Cass REMC has a plan for these trees.

Miami-Cass invests over $125,000 each year on tree trimming and removal. This investment pays tremendous dividends during severe weather by reducing the number of outages that our consumer-members experience. Tree maintenance is one of the many ways your co-op makes our service to you more reliable.

Many of our members have reported dead ash trees near our power lines. Unfortunately, we are not able to get to all of these trees. Luckily, these trees are a hard wood species and it takes a long time for them to decay and to become a risk to our power lines. Eventually, the trees will become an issue, but we do have a tree removal plan in place to prevent these ash trees from becoming an issue.

Each year, we contract with a tree maintenance company to trim and remove trees that are a problem in our ability to deliver electricity to your homes. The tree trimmers are in the area of two of our substations each year. For 2019, the tree trimmers will be working in the northern part of our territory (Deedsville and Disko subs).

If you would like to remove an ash tree or any other tree before we get to your area, call our office and we will drop the line for free. Please give us a notification a few days in advance unless it is an emergency situation. You can reach us at the office by calling 765-473-6668. We appreciate your patience in getting these trees removed.