Shaping our energy future with innovation

Posted on Apr 08 2024 in Miami-Cass REMC
Rob Schwartz

The energy industry is undergoing significant change driven by technology and the transition to more sustainable forms of energy. Innovation is essential in addressing these challenges and ensuring a continuous, reliable, affordable power supply.

Electric co-ops are no strangers to adapting to the needs of the local communities we serve. Miami-Cass REMC has always leaned into change as we explore new ways to meet your energy needs.


Using advanced equipment like drones that inspect our local grid, sensors that provide real-time data on the condition of power lines, and satellite imagery used to monitor vegetation growth, we can pinpoint potential problems before they even occur and ultimately improve service for all.

Investing in more innovative technologies also can enhance the monitoring and control of electricity flow so we can respond swiftly to changing needs. Smart electric meters remotely collect data on how electricity is being used. This helps promptly prioritize and dispatch crews during an outage, reducing restoration time during weather-related disruptions. Even before adverse weather is here, advanced analytics from our systems, combined with data on weather patterns and other information, allow us to take preventative measures to shore up our system proactively.


Today, we depend on electricity more than ever before. From vehicles to farming equipment to home heating options, more products and appliances we depend on run on electricity.

Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is growing. Miami-Cass REMC is available to help our members make informed decisions about EVs, including electric charging options and capacity requirements for the home.

Automakers are transitioning many or all new vehicles to electric-only models in the next 10 years. Like all electric providers, Miami-Cass must plan now to have the necessary infrastructure in place to meet future EV charging needs — without jeopardizing the ability to provide reliable power.


A commitment to community and member satisfaction drives the REMC. As consumers become more proactive in managing their energy use, we provide new ways to help our members lower their use and save money.


You may not realize it, but Miami-Cass REMC is part of a larger nationwide network of 900 electric co-ops. While we are locally owned by you, the co-op members, we also have the advantage of working with co-ops across the country to share ideas and leverage the innovations our colleagues might have tried out first. As cooperatives, we’re collaborators instead of competitors — it’s a unique aspect of our business model, and we’re stronger because of it.

Our energy future will look different than in the past, but Miami-Cass REMC is prepared to adapt for the members we serve. Our mission and commitment to you remain steady — to provide reliable power at a cost local families and businesses can afford.