Treat electricity with respect

Posted on Apr 21 2021 in Features
Baby playing with outlet
Treat electricity with respect. Remember to keep children away from electrical outlets.

Electricity is safe when it’s used correctly. We should treat electricity with respect inside our homes as well as in our yards.

Keep the following electricity rules in mind so you can stay safe:

  • Never climb on or play near anything that says “High Voltage.”
  • Never go near a fallen power line or near someone who has been injured by a power line. Call for emergency help first. Find an adult as soon as possible and let someone know what is going on.
  • If a power line falls on a fence, don’t touch the fence. Call your local electric cooperative as soon as possible.
  • Lightning is electricity. Don’t play outside during an electrical storm.
  • Rabbits, kittens and puppies will often chew on cords that are plugged in and that is dangerous! Never let pets chew on unplugged cords either. If a pet chews a hole in the insulation (the plastic that coats the electrical wires inside), the next time you plug the device in, you could get shocked. It is also a fire hazard to have exposed cords near carpet, wood or curtains.
  • Don’t place electrical cords where you or your family can trip over them.
  • Never stick anything into an electrical outlet. If you have younger siblings, make sure your parents insert specially designed plastic caps into unused lower outlets.
  • Never pull the cord to unplug an electrical appliance. Always get a firm grip on the cap, also called the plug, and gently pull it out of the socket.