Tracker To Change

Posted on Jul 06 2020 in Bartholomew County REMC

Reflected on mid-July bills, Bartholomew County REMC members will see a wholesale tracker adjustment on their bills effective July 1. This tracker, passed directly to members from our power supplier, Hoosier Energy, will be a credit of $0.001369 per kwh. That makes the total per kwh $0.108051.

The easiest explanation of a tracker is that it is a billing adjustment to cover the fluctuating cost of wholesale power we purchase and distribute from our power supplier, Hoosier Energy. The tracking mechanism recovers variable production costs (fuel — including coal and natural gas, wholesale power market purchases, operations and maintenance, and emissions regulations) incurred by Hoosier Energy during a specific period. The tracker is adjusted quarterly and the amount will vary depending on the electricity you use.