What is Touchstone Energy?

One way to better serve our members

Posted on Oct 25 2016 in Orange County REMC


You see it all the time: “Orange County REMC, your Touchstone Energy cooperative.” So, what is Touchstone Energy? Touchstone Energy is the national network of electric cooperatives that provide resources and leverages partnerships to help its member cooperatives and their employees better engage and serve their members.

Orange County REMC, as a member, has numerous resources that act as extensions of our local staff to help us connect with you. Resources include advertising and communications, energy solutions, website design templates, resources for youth, business development, professional measurement and employee education and engagement.

Last year, we redesigned our website using the Co-Op Web Builder program, which greatly decreased the cost of having to design one on our own by $10,000. You should know that going to www.touchstoneenergy.com will reveal many educational tools for parents and children, providing information for anyone interested in electrical safety, renewable energy and many energy-savings ideas. Orange County REMC also receives member satisfaction scores and other data that we use to improve your experiences with us. Being a Touchstone Energy cooperative allows us to receive this data for just being a member, saving us tens of thousands of dollars along the way.

Orange County REMC also utilizes Touchstone Energy’s strategy execution system to develop and implement those things that are of the most importance to us and the membership. Those priorities are financial integrity, a safe and purpose-driven organizational culture and to ensure sound human asset development.

Knowing, educating, and engaging our membership, employees and directors define that cooperative advantage we have. Knowing the demographic changes that are occurring, in addition to keeping up-to-date of the technological and renewable resource changes, allows us to build upon the track record we have with strong local relationships and being your trusted energy partner.

To learn more about Orange County REMC, please visit our website at www.myremc.coop and follow us Facebook.

MATTHEW C. DEATON is general manager/CEO of Orange County REMC.