Tips to keep your family safe



Safety at Hoosier Energy is so highly regarded that it tops the company’s list of core values and is an integral part of Hoosier Energy’s mission statement.

Hoosier Energy’s “Safe by Choice” initiative is designed to emphasize safety both at work and at home. Below are three tips that we feel will help you and your family be safe at home this fall as the temperature begins to decrease.

  • Fireplace maintenance
    If your home has a fireplace, be sure to inspect the chimney to be certain it is free of debris or creosote buildup. Inspect the structure to be sure the bricks, mortar and liner are in good condition.
  • Space heaters
    If you use a space heater,  be safe and keep it away from all fabrics including bedding, drapes and furniture. When you leave the house, be sure to turn them off. Do not leave these devices unattended around children or pets.
  • A heat source no-no
    An unsafe heat source is your kitchen stove. Do not attempt to heat your home with a gas range or an open oven door, as this can lead to toxic air that is not safe to breathe.