Tipmont’s new meter project is underway

Posted on Mar 16 2024 in Tipmont
Ron Holcomb

I’m excited to report that the initial phase of Tipmont’s advanced metering infrastructure project has started.

Over the next several years, we will deploy over 28,000 new meters to all Tipmont members. Developed by Landis+Gyr, an electric-meter manufacturing company, our new Revelo sensing meters will provide:

  • Better and faster data: The meters will reduce demand voltage and detect issues before problems arise. Tipmont can buy less power even when demand is high with no notable difference in quality and help you better understand your power costs.
  • Improved outage management: “Last Gasp” technology automatically notifies Tipmont if your power goes out and pinpoints affected areas. Rather than spend time patrolling for problems, our line crews can more quickly restore your service.
  • Distributed energy resource management: If you adopt new energy technologies, Tipmont wants to help you do it in a way that best benefits your home or business. These meters will help you leverage bi-directional energy flow from solar arrays, electric vehicles, and more.

Our goal is to replace all meters across our system by the end of 2026.

So, when will you get your new meter? Tipmont will mail postcards at the start of each month. Your meter replacement should occur during the month in which you receive your postcard. You will not need to schedule an appointment. Schedules are subject to change; for more information or the most up-to-date scheduling details, visit tipmont.com/ami.

Either a Tipmont employee or a trusted third-party contractor will replace the meter on your property. You don’t need to be at home when this takes place. There may be a brief interruption to your electric service during the process, but it shouldn’t last longer than five minutes. Once work is complete, we will leave a door hanger for your awareness.

We look forward to further enhancing your service with this upgrade. For additional information and an FAQ, visit tipmont.com/ami.

March Kilowatts & Brats Events

For our Montgomery and Fountain County members: Don’t miss our Kilowatts & Brats events. It’s a great way to enjoy a free, tasty meal, ask any questions you have, and meet with Tipmont representatives from:

  • Broadband/Member Services
  • Business Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Vegetation Management
  • Operations
  • Engineering

Please join us from 6 to 7 p.m. on:

  • Tuesday, March 12: North Montgomery High School, Crawfordsville
  • Thursday, March 14: Fountain Central Jr. / Sr. High School, Veedersburg

RSVP today at tipmont.com/kwb.