The value of electricity

Posted on Apr 06 2022 in LaGrange County REMC
Mark Leu

Having electricity in your home, even just a few decades ago, seemed miraculous. Since then, more and more aspects of our daily lives have become reliant on electric energy, and we use it all day and night to power our homes and places of business. Even with the rapid pace of innovation and change, for everyone at LaGrange County REMC, one thing has remained constant — our focus on bringing you the reliable electric service you count on.

Electricity’s role continues to expand. We count on it for essentials like lighting, heating, air conditioning, running our appliances and office equipment. But new innovations add to the list, bringing devices that connect us in fresh ways. For example, electricity powers “smart things” — devices like smart homes, appliances, security devices, communication gadgets and more as broadband connections keep everything connected and running smoothly. 

We are also committed to energy efficiency and are always looking for ways to help our members do more with the energy we send to their homes while reducing their consumption. Electricity can also help us reduce our use of fossil fuels. Because it can be obtained from renewable sources, there is the potential to replace fuel-dependent machines, such as cars and lawnmowers, with low- or zero-emission electric models. 

And electricity continues to deliver significant value as a service. In Indiana, the average monthly power bill is estimated to be about $100. That’s only about $3.30 a day! We know that number can fluctuate, but when you think about the current price of gas, or even the cost of a gallon of milk, $3.30 per day to power just about everything in your home is quite reasonable.

The last couple years have brought even more challenges as organizations across the nation face problems such as supply chain issues and the effects of inflation. So here at your cooperative, we are also focused on keeping your electric service affordable, which means we are constantly working to control our costs. We can’t promise rates won’t ever increase, but our commitment to bringing you the best value for your dollar will remain steadfast.

Despite the challenges, we are certain our cooperative will continue to provide a reliable, valuable service — just as we have for so many decades. We know that reflecting on the work we do now can shape the technological revolutions that power us tomorrow. So, the next time you switch on your lights, we invite you to think about how far we’ve come since the first lightbulbs came on in our communities, and the exciting possibilities that are ahead.