Thank you for answering the call!

Posted on Apr 08 2024 in LaGrange County REMC
LaGrange Co. REMC linemen

April 8 marks National Lineworker Appreciation Day. We are proud to acknowledge the tireless dedication and bravery our linemen exhibit year-round. These individuals are the front-line responders when power outages strike, consistently ensuring that our homes and businesses remain connected to the electricity we depend on daily. For over 85 years, LaGrange County REMC has relied on these men (and the ones before them), regardless of the weather conditions or time of day.

The role of a lineworker demands unwavering commitment, a profound sense of duty, extensive training, and nerves of steel. Few professions entail scaling utility poles, handling high-voltage cables, and conducting repairs while suspended high above the ground. Lineworkers often work in adverse conditions, including storms and extreme temperatures, and are on-call for emergency repairs at any hour, including holidays and family occasions.

At LaGrange County REMC, our lineworkers maintain and repair over 600 miles of power lines, serving approximately 7,000 members throughout our service area. Their efforts are integral to our mission of providing our members with reliable electricity and communication services. Every time you flick a light switch and illuminate a room, remember that it’s thanks to the hard work of a lineworker. We extend our deepest gratitude to these individuals and their families for their dedication in powering up our communities.

Our line crew, pictured from left to right above includes — front row, Delmar Bontrager, Owen Bowersox, Logan Hamilton and Cole Howe. Back row, Cole Harmes, Jeff Patrick, Atticus Klopfenstein, Micah Gaff, Michael Peterson, Chris Mynhier and Nate Yoder.