Team Spotlight: Operations Support Services

Posted on Jun 03 2021 in Bartholomew County REMC
Operations Services Team
The BCREMC Operations Support Services Team, pictured form left, is Josh Jackson, Dan Raines, Amy Mack, Ashley Nowling and Max Bode.
Courtney Metzger

We all see the crews working hard every day to keep the lights on, but what about behind the scenes? Our Operations Support Services team plays an important role in planning, designing, and maintaining BCREMC’s electric infrastructure. You may not see these employees climbing a pole or changing a meter, but they have been involved in each step of the process to make that happen. We appreciate their hard work, and all the effort it takes to ensure operations runs safely and smoothly. 

Amy Mack has been with BCREMC for 24 years, and has mastered several departments within the co-op. From accounting to customer service, and now as an assistant in operations and engineering, she helps the line crew, engineers, staff, and customer service with many daily tasks. “When I come in to work in the morning, I may think I have my day all planned out with what I am going to do, then an outage comes in and all my priorities shift for the day,” Mack said. “My days are never the same.” She has a great deal of knowledge about the co-op and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Ashley Nowling shares the title of operations and engineering assistant. She has been with BCREMC for three years and says, “Delivering reliable power and exceptional customer service is our number one priority.” Her duties include maintaining contact with the line crew, creating work orders, communicating with the members, and is an active member on the safety committee. 

To keep our fleet of trucks and equipment running efficiently, Josh Jackson maintains and repairs them regularly. He has been with BCREMC as a maintenance and utility employee for four years. He also assists the line crews as a groundman when needed. “I work with a great group of people, and enjoy what I do,” Jackson said. 

Max Bode joined the BCREMC team 39 years ago as a maintenance employee, and since then he has excelled in several positions at the co-op. He has experience as a groundman, meter reader, and lineman and now has the responsibility of material control and storekeeping. “Throughout my journey here at REMC, I’ve made a lot of friends and had a lot of great experiences. I’ve really enjoyed my 39 years here,” Bode said. He ensures that the crews have materials needed for their daily work, creates purchase orders, and maintains warehouse inventory. 

Dan Raines heads up the department. When it comes to the safety of our linemen and office employees, Raines keeps everyone up to date on all safety protocols. He is the director of safety and operational services at the co-op and has a combined 28 years of experience in the co-op world. Raines said, “I really enjoy getting outside with the crews to work with them on safety procedures and ensure we are doing our best to make the job as safe as possible”. 

We want to thank all the employees in this department for their hard work and dedication to the cooperative and ensuring each task is completed in a safe and efficient manner.