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LaOtto solar array dedicated with ribbon cutting

Posted on Jul 26 2019 in LaGrange County REMC
LaGrange County REMC employees and directors attended the LaOtto Solar Generating Station dedication in June. Attending, from left, Marketing Coordinator Nic Engle; CEO Mark Leu; Communications and Marketing Manager Kevin Dreibelbis; Directors Larry Fetters, Terry Holsinger, Jeff Brill and Shane Rasler; and Communications Specialist Kelly Lynch.

Sunny, blue skies and yellow ribbon highlighted the celebration of the completion of the LaOtto Solar Generating Station.

A piece of our Co-op Solar program, the array is owned by our power supplier, Wabash Valley Power Alliance, at the southeast corner of State Road 3 and County Road 70. Construction began in December 2018, with power flowing through the array in April. Two months later, the site was formally dedicated, with attendance from local legislators, project representatives and local REMC employees and directors.

Indiana Sen. Andy Zay and State Rep. David Abbott both spoke at the event to congratulate Wabash Valley and regional REMCs on investing in green energy.

The 1-megawatt array is comprised of 3,648 individual power-generating panels set on 8 acres of land. The field can generate enough energy on its own to power approximately 125 homes.

Under the Co-op Solar program, you can receive energy from larger-scale, cooperative-maintained solar facilities, eliminating individual installation concerns such as improper roof orientation, shaded roofs, high costs and long-term contracts.

Members can choose to purchase blocks, with the amount of electricity they generate offsetting a portion of their monthly electric bill, or sign up for a solar rate on the electricity they use.

It’s a hassle-free way to go green and another example of LaGrange County REMC listening to your needs and ideas. We took your feedback about renewable energy and made it into a reality.

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