Steps to building an energy-efficient home

Posted on Apr 27 2018 in Harrison REMC

When considering building a new home, people will hear contractors make statements like, “I build to meet Indiana’s building codes.” While that sounds good, Indiana’s building codes are the minimum standards that all homes must meet in order to comply with the law. Indiana’s building codes do not result in the most comfortable, energy-efficient or durable home you can build. To enjoy those features, consider utilizing Harrison REMC’s Touchstone Energy Home program. It provides information and guides you in a building strategy that results in comfort at the lowest energy cost for that home.

So, what is the secret to building an energy-efficient home?

  1. Build an effective foundation, whether it is a concrete slab, crawl space or basement.
  2. Ensure air sealing is effective.
  3. Install appropriate insulation.
  4. Ensure the types of windows and doors are energy-efficient and installed to be effective.
  5. Install HVAC equipment that is sized correctly to the home.

A Touchstone Energy Home will consume less electricity during peak demand periods. You share in the savings of reduced electrical peak demands with a one-time $400 bill credit that Harrison REMC provides when you move into your completed home.

Contact Bob Geswein at 812-738-3538 to begin building a more comfortable, durable, heathy and energy-efficient Touchstone Energy Home.