Starting Your Business Next Year?

Posted on Dec 01 2021 in Boone REMC
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By Chanda Mundil

1. Don’t worry about your logo, color scheme, or any other shiny branding out of the gate! 

I see too many business owners get stuck in the design phase for too long when ultimately these pieces will come together down the road! The MOST important marketing strategy you need to launch is your Why Story. Why are you starting this business? What dream is it fulfilling? How is your family involved? What expertise are you so passionate about that you could talk about for hours at length without preparing? I encourage our clients to spend more time on this step so that their “why” is crystal clear. From there, we can weave the Why Story into their marketing campaigns, as the business launches and scales. Regardless of 

your business niche, your Why Story is the foundation for all marketing!

2. When your Why Story is super clear, the next step is to gain clarity around WHO is your target! 

Effective marketing relies heavily upon us conveying a message to those who are ready to listen; they have a need to listen. Understanding your target customer is also important as you implement a social media strategy so your content is posted on the right platforms for maximum exposure. For example, some businesses may assume their target is on Facebook. In the last year, we’ve witnessed certain demographics scale back their Facebook use, and they’re 

purchasing through other platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

3. Build your email list early! 

Oh boy, this is huge, and if I could shout this from the top of Mulberry Fields, I would. Your email list will give your business the absolute best return on your investment!  Successful emails that sell and book services reinforce your Why Story and relay that your customers embrace your purpose and trust you!  Their trust in you leads to long-term business relationships!

CHANDA MUNDIL is the CEO of The House of Virtual Assistants in Zionsville. She and her staff will coach clients through their general business strategy. They then help their clients with general marketing strategies.