Weatherization provides comfort and savings year-round

Posted on Jun 26 2024 in Boone REMC
Person blowing insulation into a house

We typically think about weatherizing our homes during winter when standing next to a chilly window or a drafty exterior door. But weatherizing your home provides comfort and energy savings year-round, especially during summer when your air conditioner is working overtime.

According to, a home with insufficient insulation and air leaks wastes more than 20% of the energy used to heat or cool the home — that’s essentially throwing money out the door. Fortunately, most weatherization projects are easy to DIY and can be completed in a day.

If you have older windows, chances are air is escaping through tiny cracks and gaps around the frame. If you can see any daylight around the frame or the windows rattle easily, you likely have air leaks. Also, check for any small cracks around the frame that may not be visible with sunlight.

If you suspect you have leaky windows and plan to apply new caulk, remove the old caulk and clean the area well before application. Silicone caulk is a popular choice and can also be used to seal joints between bathroom and kitchen fixtures. If you have any leftover caulk, use it to seal those areas.

Another effective but simple weatherization project is installing weatherstripping around exterior doors. Weatherstripping should be installed around the top and sides of the door. Weatherstripping can also be installed around windows, typically to the sides of a double-hung or sliding window or around the window sash.

If you see daylight around the bottom of an exterior door, consider installing a door sweep in addition to weatherstripping. Door sweeps are available in aluminum, plastic, vinyl, and felt options.

Another way to improve comfort in your home is by adding insulation. While this is a more costly project, it’s an effective way to decrease heat flow, impacting energy use in winter and summer. Older homes may need additional insulation to replace older materials or meet newer efficiency standards.

In addition to saving energy, air sealing can help you avoid moisture control issues, improve indoor air quality, and extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Weatherize your home to unlock year-round comfort and savings on monthly energy costs.

Matt Walter at Boone doing an energy audit

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