Star light, star bright

Posted on Apr 05 2023 in Jay County REMC
Star Light Parties

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have a slumber party tonight!”

These are the words that will greet you on the home page of the Star Light Slumber Parties website. This company provides a service that you never knew you needed but will find that you won’t want to live without.

Although she is already employed full-time, Nikki Stover was looking for a creative outlet that allowed her to spend more quality time with her kids. With a bit of inspiration from a friend, she realized that slumber parties are a forgotten tradition — and they have the power to be magical when catered to customers’ requests.

The concept is easy enough; when you contact Star Light, you tell Stover which packages you are interested in and the theme you want. She then coordinates a time to come to your home or venue of choice to create a slumber party setup. Stover loves collaborating with her customers and can work with you to pick specific times for set up and tear down. Currently, she holds slumber parties on the weekends but hopes to expand hours depending on interest.

A Star Light slumber party consists of teepees, twin-size air mattresses, sheet sets, light blankets, twin-size pillows with cases and decorative pillows to match — and this is just the basic package. Stover also has more extensive options, including goodies like a breakfast tray, string lights, sleep mask party favors and a pampering gift set. She has packages for every budget.

Stover also offers themes for practically every personality. Her roster includes themes such as Solar System/Glow, Pink Girly Girl, Popcorn Movie Night, Video Game Junkie, Marvel Superhero and Hot Chocolate. She is also happy to discuss different ideas and potential themes if you do not see the slumber party of your dreams listed.

Though her business is still newer, Stover can envision this being the perfect concept for a women’s bible study, a bachelorette party or even a sweet 16 event. The sky is the limit, and she is excited to see what themes her children and customers help her develop.

So, what does the future hold for this sleepover supernova? Themes, themes, themes. As Star Light grows, Stover intends to keep adding unique themes to her company’s list. She will also add options as time passes. That’s the beauty of creativity; the business will develop even more as customers see a piece of themselves in this time-honored tradition.

Throughout the process of creating this new endeavor, Stover has spent a great deal of time with her faith, trusting that her worries were in the right hands. “I had prayed for advertising, and you just happened to call,” she said. 

To book a slumber party, visit, and follow the company on Facebook to keep up with current specials and themes. Every slumber party booked from now until April 30 will receive a free goodie bag that is themed for their party!

Star light, star bright, we bet you’ll book a slumber party tonight!

Nikki Stover and family
Nikki Stover and family.