Spring storms: Is your home ready?

Posted on Feb 29 2024 in Boone REMC
home with leaking gutters

Spring is a time of hope and renewal, but it can also bring severe weather. Take these steps to keep your home and family safe during spring storms.


Make sure your family is ready to stay safe during a storm or other emergency.

  • Sign up for your community’s emergency warning system.
  • Discuss storm safety with your family and what to do in case of severe weather.
  • Prepare an emergency kit. Include water bottles, non-perishable food, blankets, first-aid supplies, flashlights, and a battery-powered radio.


Your house is designed to shelter you from the storm. Take a walk around your property and look for these potential issues.

  • Check for loose roof shingles or siding and make necessary repairs.
  • Look for any tree branches extending over your house or driveway that could fall during stormy weather. Trim them back if needed.
  • Inspect unattached structures, like sheds or storage bins, and make sure they are firmly secured.
  • Check gutters and downspouts for any debris that may block drainage and clear it away.
  • Make sure all gutters are firmly attached and downspouts drain away from the foundation.
  • Check the grading around your foundation. A downward slope can allow water to build up during heavy rain and leak into your basement. Repair the grading so that there is an upward slope, allowing rainwater to drain away from your house.
  • Make sure fence posts are firmly secured in the ground. Loose fencing can blow over during high winds.


Your sump pump can help keep your basement from flooding in heavy rain. Make sure it’s working properly.

  • Open up the cover on your sump pump pit and look inside. Clear away any debris that can clog the pump and cause an overflow.
  • Make sure the drain hose is connected, and that it’s not blocked or frozen.
  • Check the inlet screen and make sure it is letting water enter the sump pump pit.
  • Lift the water level float up and down to make sure it moves freely.
  • Consider a battery backup in case of power outages.

Test the sump pump to make sure it’s in working order. Fill the pit with a bucket of water to turn your pump on. Watch it carefully to see if it’s getting rid of the water, then check the discharge pipe outside to make sure it drains properly. If the pump doesn’t run, make sure it’s plugged in and the circuit isn’t tripped.


Although we pride ourselves on providing reliable electric service, a storm may lead to an extended power outage. Be prepared. Have candles and flashlights available. If storms are in the forecast, charge your mobile device so you can report your outage to Boone REMC using our SmartHub app and receive updates on the status of power restoration. For backup power, consider purchasing a generator; be sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe operation.