Spring safety tips for children

Posted on Jun 04 2022 in Jay County REMC
Boy with a kite

As the weather begins to warm up, kids and adults alike will soon head outside to play and perform winter clean up. Before you do, remember to look up and be alert for power lines and other electrical hazards, the best way to stay safe from electrocution — and even death. 

  • Never fly a kite on a rainy day or anywhere but an open space.  
  • Don’t climb trees that are near power lines and poles.
  • Stay far away from power lines lying on the ground. You can’t tell if electricity is still flowing through them.
  • Obey signs that say “danger” and “keep out” around large electrical equipment like substations. These signs aren’t warnings; they’re commands to keep you safe. 
  • Never climb a power pole or play on pad mount transformers (those green boxes).