Spare change saves lives

Posted on Jun 04 2023 in Orange County REMC
Operation Round Up logo

Each month, members who wish to participate in our Operation Round Up program can have Orange County REMC automatically round their monthly electric and/or fiber bills to the next highest dollar. The amount contributed by each member is less than a dollar a month and will average about $6 a year. Those extra few dollars from our members can have a large impact on groups and organizations making a big difference in our community. In the most recent meeting of the Operation Round Up Board of Trustees, six seniors (see scholarship story here) and 11 local organizations received grants.

Throop Elementary received $500 for the Mind in Motion program.

Orleans High School After Prom received $250 for entertainment, games and music.

Campbellsburg Parks and Recreation received $500 to fund signage for little league parks.

Orleans Public Library received $500 to fund its summer reading program.

Orange County CASA received $1,600 for volunteer “Visit Kits.”

Paoli Pals League received $321 to fund sound equipment.

Boy Scout Troop 348 received $1,000 to help fund a camping trip.

Springs Valley Football received $1,250 to help fund Guardian Caps.

Paoli JAG Closet received $250 for clothing for students.

Hoosier Hills PACT received $500 to help fund its summer program.

Phi Beta Psi — Theta Epsilon received $800 for food and supplies.