Rounding up, giving back

Posted on Mar 05 2020 in LaGrange County REMC
Operation Round Up logo

With New Year’s resolutions going strong – or taking a backseat for a little while (no judgment!) – one thing our members can rely on is the fact that their contributions to Operation Round Up are continuing to benefit their community. 

The most recent distribution of Operation Round Up funds are being put to use for two staples in LaGrange County, and is only possible because of the nearly 75% of LaGrange County REMC members who participate in the program. 

They allow their electric bills to be rounded up to the nearest dollar each month. Those cents per month are then given back to the LaGrange County community. 

For those who are unsure whether they participate, make it your resolution this year to find out, either by looking on your bill, where it will be a line item, or by calling our office at 877-463-7165. Then don’t forget to sign up. Your pennies make a huge difference in the life of your neighbors and friends. 

Organizations awarded funding from the January distribution of LaGrange County REMC’s Operation Round Up, totaling $2,500, include: 

  • Community Harvest Food Bank was awarded $1,500 to provide the LaGrange County Farm Wagon, which distributes food to LaGrange County residents.
  • LaGrange County Parks Department received $1,000 to hire two puppeteers to perform at the Maple Syrup Days this month.

To be considered for the next cycle of disbursements, local nonprofit organizations are encouraged to fill out and return an application to the LaGrange County REMC office by Wednesday, April 1.  

Applications can be picked up at the cooperative office at 1995 E. U.S. 20, LaGrange, or downloaded from the REMC website,