Remember: Be cautious of scams when paying your bills!

Posted on Feb 04 2020 in Southern Indiana Power
Photo of man with credit card

Online bill pay

Many of our members choose to pay their bill online because it is more convenient. That is why Southern Indiana Power provides several online bill payment options.  These options provided by Southern Indiana Power are secure and reliable.  

Although paying your bill online can save you time, it can also be an easy way for you to be misled by third-party bill pay services. There are several third-party bill payment services that will turn up in a quick internet search and offer online bill payment.

Online bill payment companies like this offer the convenience of paying all your bills online at one location. Not only does this convenience come with a fee, but also Southern Indiana Power is not notified when a member makes a payment, which may result in a member being shut off for nonpayment.

We encourage members to visit our website directly at and click on the “Pay My Bill” option. This will take you to our secure customer service portal, Members can also pay their bill through the Southern Indiana Power mobile app, which can be found by searching SmartHub in your app store.

Phone scams

Please remember, Southern Indiana Power will not contact you to make a payment over the phone, but you may call our 844-827-4763 number to do that on your own. This way, your information is never given out. We also will never demand a member make a payment a specific way and will give a timeframe for members to make a payment. Scammers typically demand payment over the phone immediately to avoid service disruption.

Please when in doubt, call us. We’re here to help!