REMC members get the credit

Posted on Jun 01 2021 in Orange County REMC

Orange County REMC is an electric cooperative, which means the company adheres to the Seven Cooperative Principles as guidelines for how we do business.

Principle 3 refers to Members’ Economic Participation. This means each member pays an equitable price to receive service, shares in the operational expenses, and also receives capital credits when they are retired, after all expenses are paid.

Orange County REMC has recently retired credits from the years 1963-1966. 

There is a list on the REMC website of members who received service during these years but have not claimed their capital credits due to insufficient address on file with the co-op. Visit to review this list or to download the form for heirs and or members to claim capital credits. You can also watch a short video that explains capital credits and access a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Capital Credits. 

Cooperative Principle 3 graphic