Rebates for HVAC tune-ups now available to members

Posted on Mar 29 2021 in Harrison REMC
HVAC tune up banner

Harrison REMC and Hoosier Energy have joined together to offer member homeowners an incentive to save money on HVAC tune-ups and maintenance. Up to a $50 rebate per member-household may be available for those services during 2021.

The benefits are many to having a licensed HVAC contractor give your system a tune-up. Maintenance now means fewer costly repairs in the future, improved air circulation, increased quality of heating and cooling along with what could result in the expanded life of your system. The peace of mind alone that your equipment is running properly is worth a homeowner’s time, let alone the possibility of lower utility bills.   

Experts recommend having your HVAC serviced every six months.

Eligible rebates for members include terms and conditions. Qualified HVAC systems must be in a home serviced by a local cooperative. The unit must be at least three years old, not currently under a preventative maintenance program and a pre-determined list of services must be performed by a licensed HVAC contractor.  

Rebates will be issued on a first-come first-served basis until your cooperative’s dedicated funds have been used. Rebates will be issued as a bill credit. Completed rebate application and documentation must be received within 90 days of service.

For help identifying qualifying equipment or for more details, contact Harrison REMC. 

Download a rebate application at