Real superheroes

Posted on Apr 02 2018 in From the Editor
Emily with a power pole

By Emily Schilling

I never tire of playing dress up. And donning duds to help me empathize with electric industry superheroes? Now that was fun!

I imagined myself to be a real-life Wonder Woman after slipping on my hero gear: a lineworker’s hard hat, safety glasses and rubber gloves. But, proving clothes don’t make the girl, the hat was heavy, the glasses felt awkward, and the oversized rubber gloves fit me like oven mitts. Mind you — I was just wearing the clothes, not even doing anything remotely resembling the dangerous work linemen do everyday!

I liken electric utility lineworkers to superheroes because like the good guys in the Marvel and D.C. universes, they help others when no one else can, face dangerous situations daily and often work for the common good while high up in the air. Day in and day out, their jobs demand a selfless attitude, a helpful heart and a lion’s share of courage — all attributes claimed by comic book caped crusaders. No matter the weather, the time of day or whatever challenges they may face, linemen stay focused on ensuring you have the power you need. We couldn’t enjoy the lifestyle we’ve come to expect without them.  

April 9 is National Lineman Appreciation Day. Your electric cooperative — and I — encourage you to take a moment to thank those brave men who risk their lives to keep the lights on for you. In the Spider-Man comic books, the quote “With great power comes great responsibility” guides this superhero’s actions. And so it goes with the linemen who never take the power of power for granted.

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Electric Consumer