Rate Change Takes Effect

Posted on Nov 19 2023 in Miami-Cass REMC

Miami Cass REMC and its directors take great care in keeping its rates as low as possible. For the last nine years, your co-op has been able maintain the same rates and service charge.

Rates have remained the same since September 2014. However, in the last two years, that rate stabilization has negatively impacted your REMC’s operating margins. Last April, your board hired an outside company to perform a comprehensive cost of service and rate study.

After many hours of review, on Sept. 25 the board unanimously voted to raise the service charge from $31 to $40. It also raised rates 6.5%. Members, on average, will see an increase of about $21 on their monthly bills.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office.

”Miami-Cass REMC takes great care in keeping its rates as low as possible.”