Rate adjustment on May bill

Posted on May 27 2022 in Boone REMC
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As a cooperative, Boone REMC rates are designed to fairly spread the costs to purchase and deliver power to its members. While we are proud to have maintained consistent rates over the last five years, we are all witnessing cost increases in infrastructure, materials, labor, transportation, administrative and general (A&G), financing, insurance, taxes, etc. Likewise, the costs to both produce (wholesale power) and deliver power have increased and are projected to continue to do so.

As a result, a rate adjustment was applied starting with April use and appeared on May bills.

  • The customer service charge has increased from $34.20 to $43.66.
  • The energy delivery rate for Boone REMC increased from $0.03486/kWh to $0.03500/kWh.
  • The wholesale energy rate has increased from $0.077950/kWh to $0.081279/kWh.
  • For an average 1,500 kWh bill, this adds roughly $15 (a 7% increase).

A rate calculator and more information about the general service rate class and rates are available on www.bremc.com. Click Rates Explained under Payments & Bills.

With summer approaching, here are some great ways to take more control over your home’s energy use:

#1 Download the SmartHub app and start tracking your daily use. Start making small changes and notice the difference it makes.

#2 Lower the temperature on your water heater.

#3 Use blinds and window covers to harness the warmth of the sun.

#4 Unplug appliances when they are not being used.

#5 Seal air leaks around the home with caulk.

#6 Wash full loads of clothes and dishes.

#7 Utilize smart technology to program thermostats, shades, and lighting.

#8 Use fans rather than the air conditioner.

#9 Light with LED and CFL bulbs, which are more efficient and last longer.

#10 Cook outdoors whenever possible and limit the use of other appliances in the home.