Practices and principles

How ESG is woven into everything Hoosier Energy does

Solar panel

Electric cooperatives, like other energy providers, are in the midst of the most impactful transition in modern history. As we continue to navigate through this changing environment, Hoosier Energy’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices — and the cooperative principles that underpin those practices — will continue to become more relevant. 

ESG refers to factors that can impact a company’s ability to create long-term value and future performance. At Hoosier Energy, our commitment to operational excellence, superior value, financial discipline and responsible environmental stewardship is woven into every aspect of our business, from the boardroom to our linemen in the field. 

Our ESG strategy is simple and straightforward:

Maintain a Member-Owner Focus

Hoosier Energy champions the cooperative model that advances our members and the communities they serve, prioritizing reliability, affordability and innovative energy solutions that our stakeholders have come to expect. Hoosier prides itself in upholding the democratic process of a one-member, one-vote election of our members to represent them.

Responsibly Manage Energy Transition

Hoosier Energy is committed to responsible decision-making, investment in critical infrastructure and optimizing its generation portfolio to enhance reliability at affordable rates while supporting the transition to a diverse and cleaner grid.

Drive Superior Value for Member Systems and Customers

Strong corporate governance and thought leadership provide the foundation for our commitment to operate with the highest level of integrity. The true value of our business is rooted in helping our employees, members and stakeholders forge a strong, resilient, better tomorrow for everyone.

Hoosier Energy’s investment in these efforts demonstrates the impact we believe ESG will continue to have on our members and our commercial and industrial customers, as well our organization. At Hoosier Energy, that means leading from the front by creating a culture that is transparent, innovative and intentional in order to power possibility for decades to come.