Practice electrical safety during a winter storm

Posted on Feb 02 2017 in General

If a winter storm should happen to come our way this month, BCREMC wants everyone to know how to stay safe and warm during the recovery effort.

“In a winter storm emergency, restoring power and heat to consumers is the highest priority. Electric utility crews, including those at BCREMC, work around the clock to restore service to those affected by an outage,” said Dan Raines, BCREMC line superintendent/safety director.

If you must venture outside, be alert to the possibility of electrical hazards:

  • Stay away from downed power lines and be alert to the possibility that tree limbs or debris may hide an electrical hazard.
  • Treat all downed or hanging power lines as if they are energized. Warn others to stay away and contact BCREMC.
  • A power line does not need to be sparking or arcing to be energized, even if it’s sagging close to or on the ground.
  • Other utility lines can also become energized by being in contact with an electrical line.
  • Lines that appear to be “dead” can become energized as crews work to restore power, or sometimes from improper use of emergency generators. BCREMC wants to remind you that the best thing to do is stay away and let us know the situation so that we can respond.

By knowing how to stay safe during a winter storm, you can prevent injury or even death.