Plan for the wastes of energy past, present and future and save on energy costs

Family in Christmas past

This holiday season, while preparing for the fun that comes from the enjoyable winter holidays, you also can prepare for the higher bills caused by the wastes of energy past, present, and future. By overcoming these energy phantoms, you can make amends for past wasted energy and prevent them from taking more from your wallet in the future. 

Energy Past

This one frequently raises its head around this time of year. The holiday decorations and lights hibernating in attics and garages 10 months a year typically emerge each winter to smile at neighbors and passersby. 

Yet, these decorations often show their age on your energy bill. If your decorations are five years old or more, they may be gulping significantly more electricity compared to their newer, more energy efficient counterparts. You also can add timers for your decorations to ensure that they are turned on when it makes the most sense.

Energy Present

With families spending more time at home during the holidays, you can expect energy bills to reflect the increased energy use. There are options you can consider (or even gift!) that can help lower that energy use. Options range from advanced power strips that turn off idling equipment to minimize energy waste all the way to ENERGY STAR®-certified appliances that can replace older, more inefficient devices that may be toward the end of their life cycle.

Energy Future

It’s never too early to plan for the future! You can contact your local electric cooperative’s energy advisor for insights on your home’s energy use and ways you can improve. Your energy advisor may even recommend that your home receive an energy audit, which includes an in-depth review and will provide you with action items to reduce your home’s energy use. You can ensure that you and your guests are comfortable while minimizing your energy use, regardless of how frightful the weather is outside.

With a little planning, you can take steps to lower your energy use this holiday season and beyond. And much like the Jelly of the Month Club, smart energy use is the gift that keeps giving all year long! Learn more tips about saving energy year-round at