Pennies making a difference

Posted on Sep 05 2022 in LaGrange County REMC
McMillen Health
McMillen Health presents a “Be Wiser” program at Meadowview Elementary School last spring.

Operation Round Up logo

For just pennies a month, the power of our members joining together is making a huge impact on our community. Thanks to those members participating in Operation Round Up for allowing their monthly bills to be rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Since the beginning of the program in January 2002, more than $620,000 has been given back to our community. The money has been used by organizations who serve all sectors of our community.   

The following organizations received Operation Round Up funds: 

LaGrange County Department of Parks & Recreation received $3,000 to purchase playing disks and door prizes for its “LaGrange County Connecting with Youth” event on Aug. 6 at Delt Church Park.

The Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana received $2,000 to be used to financially assist low-income families and to help support the Girl Scouts Leadership Experience (GSLE). The GSLE builds skills in four key areas: (1) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), (2) the outdoors, (3) life skills, and (4) entrepreneurship.

McMillen Health received $2,500 to provide 10 preventive health education programming sessions to LaGrange County youth in grades preschool- 12. McMillen Health’s program objectives include helping youth develop knowledge, attitudes, and new skills for making healthy choices that facilitate a successful transition into adulthood.