Paperless billing = more convenience for you

Posted on Jan 08 2022 in Southeastern Indiana REMC
Couple Paying Bills

Paperless billing is exactly what it sounds like: a paper-free way to receive your electric cooperative bill each month. 

Five reasons to receive your bills electronically:

  • REASON 1: Immediate access. As soon as your bill is ready, you’ll be notified via email or text. Getting the bill earlier means you’ll have more time to pay it.
  • REASON 2: Curb the clutter. Ensure your bill will never be lost and forgotten under that growing paper pile on your kitchen counter.
  • REASON 3: Protect your identity. The security of knowing your bill won’t accidentally end up in an identity thief’s hands is worth making the switch to paperless billing.
  • REASON 4: Environmentally speaking. By cutting back on paper use, you’re helping preserve our natural resources.
  • REASON 5: Around the clock. Everyday. Not only are you able to pay your bill 24/7 — you can access past bills whenever you need to.

Contact SEI REMC today to say “yes” to “paperless!”