Paper or paperless?

Smarthub offers convenience

Posted on Sep 26 2017 in Southern Indiana Power

What if you could not only view your bill but see your electric use 24/7 along with it? SmartHub gives you the best of both worlds.

By downloading the app on your smartphone, you can view detailed graphs of your use each month and figure out ways to save. SmartHub users have lowered their bills by discovering issues that lead to high bills and changing habits that can reduce use.

Not only can you view your use, but you will be notified when your bill is due, and you can pay securely through the app by setting up your preferred payment method. Did we mention this form of payment is paperless, too? So you’re also helping the enviroment .

If you like everything that was mentioned about SmartHub, then make the switch! It’s as simple as downloading it on your Apple and/or Android device. Or you can simply access SmartHub on our website. Just click on “Pay My Bill” at the top right of our website,