Our 3,000th connection!

Posted on May 20 2024 in LaGrange County REMC
LG 3,000th Connection
LaGrange County REMC member Ehren Misner, right, poses with REMC CEO Mark Leu after becoming the 3,000th customer to receive fiber-optic broadband service from the cooperative

Mark Leu

We’ve done it again!

At 3,000 connections, we’re officially past another major milestone in bringing customers online in LaGrange County. This number means that 3,000 homes and businesses in our cooperative area are connected to our fiber internet service and enjoying the benefits of internet at speeds on par with those available in big cities.

Connecting 3,000 customers is a feat worth celebrating, especially when you consider the fact that we began this endeavor in the middle of a global pandemic. We’ve struggled through the supply chain blockages and labor shortages that have plagued other industries worldwide over the past four years. We’ve navigated complications resulting from inflation and made internal adjustments for pricing and budget concerns. And we’ve persevered in bringing our members the best in internet service through our ongoing build-outs around the county.

The availability of high-speed internet brings a myriad of benefits to our communities. Our residents have greater access to healthcare via telemedicine. Students can leverage our high-speed internet service to access a wealth of educational programs and tools, particularly in STEM-related fields. More people can choose to live and raise their families here without giving up access to opportunities from around the world. We are proud to be a catalyst for making our community an even better place to live and work.

This project represent an enormous investment of planning, time, and funds. The growth and advancement it promises for LaGrange County harkens back to our initial efforts nearly 90 years ago when we first brought electric service to area homes and businesses. Today we’re proudly continuing the tradition of making sure our community can keep up technologically with the rest of the world.

Right now, LaGrange County REMC Broadband connections are available in 20 of our 22 zones. The Emma zone and Honeyville, Millersburg and Topeka West zone are next on our list as we expand.

Not connected yet? Don’t miss out on all the exciting opportunities our Spark Fiber internet makes available to you! Visit broadband.lagrangeremc.com to see if your area is part of our growing network. If it’s not, please extend us a little patience as we continue the build-outs. We look forward to bringing our entire coverage area into the network, but the process takes careful planning. But I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll be writing to you about 4,000 connections!