Project Update: 2018

Posted on Apr 27 2018 in Orange County REMC


As some members have witnessed firsthand, Orange County REMC has already been busy in 2018.  

Earlier this year, we began construction of the tie line from the Spring Mill substation to the Chaillaux substation, with activity down Parks Implement Road and Burton Cemetery Road. This is a very large project, with more than four miles of construction. We plan to complete this project this month by turning north onto Liberty Church Road and extending up to Highway 60W. Vital to the system’s overall flexibility and reliability, this project ties these two substations together. Although we try to minimize traffic impacts and inconveniences, we do have to close the road intermittently to allow for the safe construction of the line.  

Other projects will be executed later in the year.  Three of the four projects will be in the Valeene area, and no project will be near the magnitude of the tie-line project. Project locations include: 

  • Conductor upgrade work at South Honey Creek Road working west on West Pavey Ridge Road.
  • Work along West Valeene Pike to upgrade three-phase conductor.
  • Work to upgrade the three-phase conductor leaving the Valeene substation heading west on Valeene Pike over to S. County Road 575 E. 

The final project planned for this year is to finish up the work we did in early 2017 along Highway 150 at Hilltop. This project will extend down the highway and finish up in Rego.

As the weather makes a turn for the better, we will be able to work off the shoulders of the roadway, but we will always have signage indicating our presence. We will also place phone calls and/or leave messages with members in the affected areas if we anticipate closures or traffic interruptions.  We do this in the name of safety, and we ask for your awareness when you encounter the crews working throughout our territory. The cooperative exists to serve the members, and each of these projects will help us do just that. Let’s make this construction season a safe and productive one. 

MATTHEW C. DEATON is general manager/CEO of Orange County REMC.