Operation Round Up at work in your community

Posted on May 31 2018 in Orange County REMC

The Operation Round Up fund is overseen by a group of trustees who are Orange County REMC members. The trustees each serve a three-year term and meet quarterly to review applications for grants. Pictured above is the current board of trustees. Front row: Kristen Tarr, Jessica Starr, Kim Wallace and Joann Morgan. Back row: Kenny Newlin, Mark Martin and Luke Baker.

Orange County REMC is proud to annouce that $11,450 was awarded to local schools, organizations and civic groups in the most recent round of grants. This brings the total Operation Round Up grants given back to the communty to more than $450,000!

We appreciate the many REMC members who allow us to round up their electric bill each month to the next dollar. As you can see, all those nickles, dimes and pennies are adding up to make a big difference in our community. 

If you are not currently participating in Operation Round Up, please contact the office and fill out a one-time opt-in form. The form can also be found at www.myremc.coop, in the “News And Events” section.

Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services received a $500 Operation Round Up grant. Pictured above, Orange County REMC’s Bridget Sneed presents the grant to Brenda McKain.

Listed below is a summary of the most recent grants that were awarded.

  • Arlene Silverthorn/Nioaka Harden: $500 for gas cards
  • Betterment Committee of Campbellsburg: $750 for building improvements
  • Campbellsburg Country Festival: $750 for entertainment
  • Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services: $500 for lip balm for patients
  • Lucille Vaal: $2,500 for summer program at Yale University 
  • Orange County Rehabilitative and Development Services Inc.: $450 for projector
  • Paoli Jr./Sr. High School: $500 for after prom event
  • Royal Family Kids Camp #344: $1,000 for two children’s camp fees
  • Dylan Johnson: $750 scholarship
  • Elizabeth Stemle: $750 scholarship
  • Evalyn Martin: $750 scholarship
  • Hadleigh Smith: $750 scholarship
  • Jennafer Pearson: $750 scholarship
  • Allison Lowe: $750 scholarship