Operation Round Up funds programs aimed at Boone County Youth

Posted on May 25 2021 in Boone REMC
The outdoor learning project will include tire swings among other amenities. Operation Round Up gave a $3,000 grant to the Mental Health America of Boone County’s project on Fordice Street in Lebanon. Katie Pollock, senior vice president and attorney, and President and CEO Pascal Fettig are excited to start the project.

Mental Health America of Boone County received funding to help with an outdoor learning project. Boone REMC’s Operation Round Up provided $3,000 for rubberized flooring for underneath the active play area and tire swings. According to the grant application, the outdoor learning lab and play space, will be an area in the rear of the building that would offer activities like:

  • riding trikes along a path
  • exploring a small coy pond
  • learning on outdoor benches and stools
  • engaging in pretend play by using equipment like a mud kitchen
  • hunting for bugs
  • examining leaves and grass and trees
  • digging in sand and dirt
  • playing on active play equipment with climbers, ramps, balance beams, steppers, and slides
  • gardening

The land behind the building is nearly four acres in size.

Boone County Cancer Society also received a grant of $2,000 for a tobacco and nicotine cessation program aimed at the youth in the area.

Lebanon Youth Soccer Association also received a grant for $5,000 to be used towards equipment.

The next grant application is due Friday, June 4, at noon. Applications and grant requirements can be found online at www.bremc.com.