More than one way to take part in solar

Posted on Sep 21 2018 in LaGrange County REMC

Co-op Solar is an easy, affordable way to take advantage of solar energy without investing in the installation and maintenance of a personal array.

For those who voiced their interest in such a program, LaGrange County REMC wanted to make sure we had more than one option for participating in the program, which provides renewable energy to our members through a community solar program. We’ve named them Solar Watts and Solar Blocks.

Solar Watts allows members to take part without a contract or out-of-pocket expense in upfront costs. You simply choose to consume renewable, clean energy at a slightly higher kilowatt-hour rate.

Solar Blocks provides members the opportunity to prepay for blocks, which could possibly give you an advantage in locking in your rate. If the price of electricity goes up, you have the potential to save money.

Solar Watts

Contract: No

Upfront cost: None

Bill impact: Your use will be billed at the solar rate, which will normally be a slight increase from the standard electric rate but could vary from year to year depending on the price of electricity.

Benefits: Simplicity. You sign up, with no defined obligation for participation, and pay your monthly bill as usual to receive clean, renewable energy.

Solar Blocks

Contract: Five-year contract, which can be terminated by the member at any time. You will be reimbursed for the remaining part of your contract.

Upfront cost: A set dollar amount per block, which is estimated to produce up to 43 kWh per month.

Bill impact: You will be billed your normal use and credited whatever your number of blocks produces within the month.

Benefits: You can bank any power produced by the solar arrays that exceeds your average monthly use. This amount will then be rolled over and credited to your bill in the following months until it’s consumed.

For more information, contact LaGrange County REMC Energy Advisor Jake Taylor at 877-463-7165.