One lucky bunch of winners

Posted on Aug 31 2021 in Boone REMC
Snyder family
David Snyder, Deanna Snyder (Stewart), Daniel Snyder, and Denae Snyder are the children of Jonathan and Carina Snyder. The family lives north of Zionsville and have been Boone REMC members since 1993.

Starting in 2006, Boone REMC gives scholarships at its annual meeting. These scholarships are drawn out of a raffle drum at random. The Snyder family is one lucky bunch of winners because every one of the Snyder children has won one of the $500 scholarships given. The odds are not in their favor as the number of scholarship applicants increases by about 100 every year and the two stipulations are post-secondary education and being a Boone REMC member. 

The first to win the scholarship was David Snyder in 2014. David graduated from Purdue with a double major in physics and physics education. He is a now a technical writer living on the south side of Indianapolis.

In 2018, Deanna won a scholarship. She ended up graduating from Ball State with a double major in finance and business administration. She has a job in finance in downtown Indianapolis and lives in Fishers with her new husband.

Daniel was a 2019 scholarship recipient. He will be a senior at Indiana State double majoring in intelligence analysis and cybersecurity.

Denae won a 2021 scholarship but did so virtually since the business meeting and drawing were conducted over Facebook Live.  Denae will be a sophomore at Ball State majoring in psychology with a minor in interpersonal relationships.

“Like any parents, we are extremely proud of each of them, not just for their accomplishments, but for the individuals they are,” their father, Jonathan Snyder, said. “Thanks again for helping ease the burden of college expense.”

Jonathan and wife Carina have lived north of Zionsville since 1993 and have been Boone REMC members ever since.