Nominations Sought for 2022 Election

Posted on Oct 07 2021 in Bartholomew County REMC

Have you ever been interested in becoming part of the governing body at Bartholomew County REMC?  BCREMC’s board of directors and nominating committee members are elected yearly by the membership at the annual meeting.

Directors are responsible for establishing, reviewing, and revising corporate policies to ensure that Bartholomew County REMC continues to keep service to the membership foremost in mind, while maintaining a stable, yet competitive, position in the industry by setting rate structures.

Nominating committee members are responsible for finding candidates to run for the board of directors and the committee.  They are also responsible for counting votes and overseeing the election process at the annual meeting.

Each member of the board  and nominating committee represents one of the seven districts within the territory served by BCREMC. Those elected to serve are dedicated people who have the interests of all members and the organization at heart.

The nominating committee of Bartholomew County REMC will meet to select candidates for the contested election which will occur for the board of directors and the nominating committee for districts 2, 5 and 7.  Directors and nominating committee personnel will be elected at the BCREMC 2022 annual meeting.

District 2 is that portion of Clifty Township north of State Road 46 E, all of Hawcreek Township, all of Flatrock Township, and that area served within Clay Township of Decatur County north of State Road 46 E.  Dr. John Harker is the current director representing this district and Scott Strietelmeier is the nominating committee person.

District 5 is all of Clay Township; all of Sandcreek Township, the southeast portion of Columbus Township bounded by White River on the west and State Road 46 E; and 100 S on the north. Ron Arnholt is the current director representing this district and Jason Schroer, is the nominating committee person.

District 7 is that portion of Harrison Township as bounded to the east by 400 W, to the north by 100 S and to the west by the Brown and Bartholomew county line; all of Ohio Township, all of Jackson Township, and all areas served within Hamilton Township of Jackson County west of the Jackson County Highway, which is a continuation of Bartholomew County Road 400 W.  Janet Anthony is the current director representing this district and Rachel Flohr-David is the nominating committee person representing this district. 

Any BCREMC member in good standing who has primary residency in these three districts may qualify. If you wish to be considered as a director or nominating committee candidate, please contact the BCREMC office or a member of the nominating committee: Bill Read, Scott Strietelmeier, Tim Loyd, Nathan Arnholt, Jason Schroer, Mike Speaker or Rachel Flohr-David, by Nov. 17.