New services reach record numbers

Posted on Mar 29 2021 in Boone REMC

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and all the trials it brought with it, this past year was a record for new services for Boone REMC — the second highest ever at 529. Three-phase businesses are down significantly, but the number of subdivisions and apartments has increased. 

According to Jerry Lasley, Construction and Staking Services Coordinator at Boone REMC, this year brought a lot of land development to a standstill because of the economy. Materials alone have been hard to come by with lead times tripling. However, home construction is still booming. 

“We are usually not this busy in the winter months,” Lasley said. “This year we have two contractors building underground, and we are still running behind. This is mostly due to the delay on materials.”

In all, 19 subdivisions are currently planned for 2021. Many of them on the last phase of construction. More than 700 new services will be added with the four additional apartment projects planned for the next two years. 

The total of customers is also up for Boone REMC in 2020. A record total 15,489, which is an increase from 14,996 in 2019.

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