New meter reading pilot program for 2017

Posted on Feb 27 2017 in Harrison REMC

Since 2005, the REMC has been reading the meter for the majority of members over the power lines. While this system has served the cooperative well for many years, the power line meter reading system and associated meters are nearing the end of their useful life.

Like most technology, such as a cell phone or computer, which typically needs to be replaced every four to five years, the REMC’s meters and communication system have become outdated after 12 years of service.  Considering the limitations of the current system, the cost associated with maintaining it and the capability of today’s technology, the cooperative has decided to test a new metering system for reading and communicating with members’ meters.

In 2017, the REMC will test the new meter system in the Dogwood substation (area south of Corydon), along with other locations strategically placed in the service area to verify the range of the system’s communication.  The test is intended to determine if the system will meet the needs of the REMC and its members. If the system works as expected, every REMC residential and commercial service will be converted to the new system starting sometime before the end of 2018.

Some of the primary features provided by the new meter and communication equipment after system wide deployment are:

  • The capability to retrieve and display to members’ their hourly kilowatt consumption as needed.
  • The capability to detect a service outage. Currently, outages are detected from member phone calls. This new system will alert the REMC of power outages before you call the cooperative.
  • The ability for the REMC to offer new services, such as prepaid billing, outage text notifications to members when power is interrupted and notifications about your account’s use before you get an unexpected high bill.

More information will be provided to members as the REMC completes the trial program in 2017.