New billing system to launch this month

Members may need to use different payment methods

Posted on Jul 27 2019 in Orange County REMC
General Manager/CEO

Over the past several months, we’ve announced changes that will be taking place at Orange County REMC and Orange County Fiber. Beginning Aug. 12, we are transitioning to a new business software with National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC). NISC’s software offers more options for our members with SmartHub. You will find more information readily available and easier to read and understand.

During this transition, there will be changes that our membership needs to know. Starting Aug. 12, if you are currently signed up for our recurring credit card payment program, you will need to log onto SmartHub, create an account and set up your credit card information for this process to continue. The SmartHub link will be on our website,  If you have questions, just call or stop by the office. Orange County REMC member service representatives are available to help with this process. If you are currently using bank draft payment option, nothing will change. 

There will also be a new bill payment phone number effective Aug. 12. Members should continue using 1-855-865-2229 for payment until 8 a.m. Wednesday Aug. 7.  From 8 a.m. on Aug. 7 until 8 a.m. Aug. 12, our telephone and online payment systems will be down for conversion and alternate payment methods must be used. After 8 a.m. Aug. 12, members should call our new payment processing number, 1-833-890-7734, when making a payment by phone, or log into the SmartHub portal to pay online.

Also effective Aug. 12: A new payment minimum of $5 when using credit/debit cards (unless the final bill is less than $5.) This minimum fee helps control processing fees for Orange County REMC and allows us to continue offering no-fee payments for our members. 

One thing that isn’t changing is how to best report an outage. Please call 1-855-865-2229 for automatic outage reporting. Your outage will be reported immediately with no need for busy signals and hold times. Our website,, shows active outages by choosing the outage viewer link. If your telephone number has changed, please update this information with us to make reporting an outage easier. 

Your billing statement will also see a facelift. Starting in September, members will see a new bill design. Page one will include a bill summary with oversized and highlighted amount due and due dates noted. There is a message center for important information that you need to know as a co-op member. The last page of the statement will list itemized details of your billing charges and use for the month, last month and last year. Members who have more than one account with us will see a separation of the charges by meter. A “how to read your bill” infographic is included on our website at

We understand that change can be challenging. We appreciate your patience during this transition, and as always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, we’d love to hear from you.